Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Field Trip in Dorset

Had a fab day on a field trip helping Nova at Portland. Here are a few pics from the day.


Beautiful scenic view of Chesil Beach.


Portland Bill area, looking for specific type of seaweed.

Gary and Nova searching for snails !




The team for the day...Leonie, Nova, Tracy, Gary and me, great day, thanks to Nova for letting us help her, the weather was lovely, and we had a lot of fun, wish all work days were like this.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Norty Lainey

Everyone who knows me, knows that I like Kipling handbags....

Look what I ordered this morning...


It's only small, but great for holidays or shopping trips, and it matches 'my colours' so will look good with most of my wardrobe.

Can't wait for it to arrive.


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Wet winky weekend

Gary, myself and Nova have just come back from a great weekend in a caravan in Cornwall.

It wad one of those cheapo breaks from the local paper. When we arrived in the camp at Hayle, luckily we had been upgraded to a 'seaview' caravan. Wow, the van had a view right along the beach to Godrevy Point. It was a three bed roomed van, very comfortable, and looked brand new - result.




On the saturday we woke up to mist and drizzle and it pretty much stayed until we left, shame really, because it's such a beautiful area.

On the Saturday we went for a walk / run on the beach, and due to the coastal erosion of the sand dunes, we had a problem getting back off the beach and back to the Van. So went decided to walk back over the dunes, the long way, by now it was raining, it was a long trek, and at one stage, it felt like a Carry On film, going around in circles, never getting any closer to the destination. By now we were all very cold and wet, and Gary commented that he had a 'wet winky'..... We laughed so much, and it spurred us on to get back to the dry and warmth of the caravan asap. This weekend will be forever known as the Wet Winky weekend.




Some pictures of the caravan



That picture window and the view....... Before the mist



Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I was playing around with my blog the other day, and somehow I have managed to delete some blogs I follow, if you have disappeared, don't worry, you will be coming back shortly lol.....

Monday, 31 March 2014

Busy Weekend

Good Morning All

Well that weekend went by in a busy but happy blur and it's Monday morning already.

On Saturday I picked up my friend Tracy and we went to the Vintage Fair at Plymouth Guildhall, wow, if you get a chance to go to one, they are fabulous, well worth a visit. Lots of stall with some beautiful dresses, hats, and jewellery. Tracy and I had a quick colour consultation which was interesting, apparently I should go back to my natural dark brown hair colour. She also suggested a lovely grape colour for me to wear.

We watched a fashion show by budding designers from the local design college, some weird and wacky designs, it has to be said, but enjoyable all the same.

Then we had a spit of lunch, followed by a couple of hours of girly shopping, including trying on some lovely dresses.


The picture and the boots (and leggings you can't see under the dress) didn't do it any justice, but the dress

was a beautiful grape colour, and made us both feel very girly. It was reduced in the sale, but still quite expensive. The pictures look like we both tried a navy blue colour, that's what you get for using a mobile phone.

Mothering Sunday - we popped across to see Gary's mum with her card and gifts, then across to Argos to pick up a small case for Gary's golf trip to Spain. A few hours of housework, before a lovely evening with Tracy, Dale and family. They were very kind to ask me over as Gary was at work. Great food, lots of laughs playing games. Really reminded me of playing games with my family as a kid..... Thanks guys it was great.

Oh well back to's the end of the month again, figures, reports and more, but a short week as we are off on Friday.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Best Friends

Tonight, the three of us, (Nova, Tracy and myself) went out for a lovely evening, along with Dale and Gary,

Lots of fun, great food, laughter and chat. Just what we all needed after a particular tough week.


Happy Days.......

Elaine xx


Funny old week

It's been a strange week, work as usual was busy, well actually, mega busy, had work coming out of our ears, Debbie had a well deserved few days off, so me and my new colleague Charlotte were run ragged, but hey, that good.

I had several visits / visitors at work too, so it is all very tiring.

Lots of gym sessions too, worked really hard on the exercise, but come the end of the week, the last session did me in, and have a little problem with my hip, I'm sure it's nothing serious, and after a little rest, I will be up and exercising again. The good news was that my knee was fine.

Family birthdays and issues too.

This weekend Gary was working on days, so had a lot of time on my hands, so made a start on my cleaning and organising project, see my new page on the top of this blog and all will be revealed. Then had a lovely evening with our friend Nova, curry and trashy tv.

Sunday - mmmm after a bit of a lay in, I decided to tackle my study, have piles of paperwork and stuff which needs tidying. I have taken before photos and will take some after it's completed too.

What does the coming week hold ? I guess work will be busy still, got more visitors on Tuesday, some gym sessions, maybe a little run towards the end of the week as well. Gary changes shifts on Wednesday for back shift, so might manage some more sorting and ieganising, with a view to doing a car obit sale in a few weeks.

Isn't it lovely to see some sunshine, albeit in between some pretty hefty rain/hail showers, but spring is in the way... I will take a few photos from our garden to show how it's faired over the winter months.

Well I think that's all for now

Have a great week,

Elaine xx