Wednesday, 23 April 2014

100 days of Happiness

Have started this from Monday

Day 1 started with 'completing my very large pile of ironing' not very exciting I know, but it did make me smile

Day 2 I lost an unexpected 2lb at Weightwatchers, I nearly cried when Claire told me, but it made me extremely happy.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Positive Monday

Right I have had a lovely few days off, it feels like I have recharged my batteries. Due to certain circumstances I'm dreading work tomorrow, but I will get through it.

On Facebook this morning I saw something which says over the space of the coming 100 days we should photograph and write down something happy daily. I like this idea, I'm fed up feeling down and miserable because of what life had thrown at me that day, let's look for the daily positives.

So following on from this, I'm up for starting this from today, have asked my very best friends to join me.

So I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about their daily happiness, may it be big or small things.

Moving on from that, today is Bank Holiday Easter Monday, what to do? Weather isn't looking good at the moment, hopefully the sun will come out later. We have talked about going to Paignton today for a walk the the seafront and up on the pier.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday

Live, Love and Laugh

Elaine xx xx xx


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Elaine is Back !!

Right after being blonde for quite a while, the old brunette Elaine is now back.

I want to enjoy my life again, for goodness sake I am old enough to do just that.

Hopefully this will bring my sensible and organised life back. For the last few months I had totally lost the plot, I am now going to take back control of my life.

Life was very out of control, especially at work, but not anymore. I will take whatever life throws at me, but under my terms.

I have felt like walking away from my job due to the stress I have been put under, but no more, I will stand up for myself a lot more though. My working hours are 0900 to 1730, 5 days a week, not 24-7. My holidays are just that, so I will not be answering emails / calls.

The times when I come home and cry are going to stop !!

I am going to learn to relax and sleep all night instead of waking up and worrying about work !!

I will get my life better organised so that I not always 'fighting fires' !

I just need to accept what is possible, and also what is not.

Simple changes but still changes.

And finally I need to say NO, if I can't or I don't want to it.

Live, Love and Laugh

Elaine xxxxx





Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ok here you go....

What did I have done to my hair......


Yes I am back as a brunette, obviously my natural colour....well with a little bit of help anyway.

It feels like the old me is back...... Watch this space for future developments.


Hair Day

Good morning Bloggers

Today is my hairdressers day, now what should I have done, after having my 'colours' looked at recently where the lady 'suggested' that my blonde highlights aren't doing my face any justice.....mmm was she being rude? Lol... So I am thinking about returning to my more natural brown colour, that will mean having the colour done a little more often so as not to let my 'natural' grey highlights hrough.

As for the length do I continue to let it grow or go for something a little shorter ?

Decisions, Decisions.....wait and see, photo to follow later.... Lol.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Field Trip in Dorset

Had a fab day on a field trip helping Nova at Portland. Here are a few pics from the day.


Beautiful scenic view of Chesil Beach.


Portland Bill area, looking for specific type of seaweed.

Gary and Nova searching for snails !




The team for the day...Leonie, Nova, Tracy, Gary and me, great day, thanks to Nova for letting us help her, the weather was lovely, and we had a lot of fun, wish all work days were like this.


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Norty Lainey

Everyone who knows me, knows that I like Kipling handbags....

Look what I ordered this morning...


It's only small, but great for holidays or shopping trips, and it matches 'my colours' so will look good with most of my wardrobe.

Can't wait for it to arrive.